Textile Startup AIZOME Launches Wastewater as Skincare, Proving the Health Benefits of their Innovative Dyeing Method

Munchen, Germany, 12th Jun 2023 – AIZOME, the innovative textile company dedicated to creating sustainable and eco-friendly products, has launched their latest development in the industry. In a unique move, AIZOME has transformed their textile dyeing waste into a skincare product known as WASTECARE™. This development marks a significant step forward in the quest for a circular economy and environmentally conscious practices within the fashion and textile sectors.

Through extensive research and collaboration with aizome masters and scientific experts, founders Michel and Misa May pioneered AIZOME ULTRA™, a patented ultrasonic dyeing method that permanently binds medicinal plant molecules to fibres. The result is a collection of luxurious, hypoallergenic, and antibacterial fabrics with vibrant colours and long-lasting health benefits. By utilizing the therapeutic properties of natural dyes derived from plants like indigo, rubia, and sumac, AIZOME’s products facilitate various advantages, including anti-inflammation, antioxidation, regulation of blood circulation, pain relief, and stress reduction.

“AIZOME ULTRA utilizes a natural, timeless resource – plants – as decades of scientific studies show the therapeutic properties of natural dyes,” says Dr Sudeep Motupalli Rao, Head Scientist and Founder of SLOWTECH Labs.

AIZOME has taken their commitment to sustainability and innovation to new heights with WASTECARE™. This skincare line utilizes AIZOME’s industrial wastewater, which has been rigorously tested and certified according to strict eco-toxicological and cosmetic safety standards. By transforming waste into a delicate facial serum, AIZOME demonstrates their dedication to repurposing resources and minimizing environmental impact. WASTECARE™ is crafted and packaged in fully recycled materials, emphasizing AIZOME’s commitment to sustainable practices.

With the launch of WASTECARE™, AIZOME sets themselves apart from the greenwashing tactics by large corporations such as Vattenfall in order to encourage genuine sustainability. By sending their skincare demonstration to key opinion leaders and showcasing it at various events, AIZOME aims to form partnerships with designers, manufacturers, and industry leaders, fostering a collective movement towards radically sustainable practices.

“It’s not just about a change in production practices but also a shift in mindset,” emphasizes Michel May, co-founder of AIZOME. “We can keep producing while ensuring a positive impact for people and the planet. That’s the message we’re sending with WASTECARE™.”

About the Company – AIZOME (Europa):

AIZOME is a German-Japanese textile startup that creates sustainable, plant-based textiles that prioritize health and well-being. Inspired by the ancient Japanese dyeing method called aizome, AIZOME set out to create textiles that were not only harmless but also beneficial for one’s well-being. Their patented ultrasonic dyeing method, AIZOME ULTRA™, ensures that their fabrics retain their vibrant colours and health benefits of the plant dyes. With the introduction of WASTECARE™, AIZOME takes a remarkable stride towards circular economy practices by repurposing their industrial waste as skincare.

Learn more: http://aizome-textiles.com/

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