The Major Differences Between Seamless Tubes and ERW Tubes

There are some significant differences between welded and seamless tubes, which can help the buyers make an informed decision. Let us dive in to know more.

Kolkata, West Bengal, India, 22nd Feb 2023, King NewsWireOne of the driving forces behind industrialization is the use of metals. Iron, chromium, copper, steel, etc., are some metals that are heavily used in different sectors for several uses. However, among the metals that are used every day, one is steel. Steel is such a versatile metal that the manufacturers of seamless tubes choose stainless steel over other metals. 

Seamless pipes have been used for many years, the backbones of industrial development. Industries with different requirements use stainless steel seamless pipes because of the benefits. The global market value for seamless steel pipes is over 72 million USD and is multiplying. 

One of the major consumers of seamless pipes and tubes is the oil & gas industry. However, seamless tubes and pipes are also used in other industries such as aviation, automobile, construction, chemical, and geological industries. 

On the other hand, there is another type of pipe available. These pipes are known as welded pipes. Unlike seamless pipes, welded pipes are curated from metal sheets that are welded together. Therefore, even though these pipes are made from stainless steel, these pipes offer less support than seamless pipes. 

There are some significant differences between welded and seamless tubes. Let us dive in to know more. 

Differences between welded and seamless tubes: 

Apart from how the pipes are manufactured, there are other differences between welded and seamless pipes. 

Seamless tubes are types of tubes that are completely homogeneous. The properties of seamless tubing give it more strength, better resistance to corrosion, and the ability to withstand more tremendous pressure than welded tubes. They are better suited for critical applications in harsh environments because of this, but it comes at a cost.


  • Oil and gas lines 
  • Chemical transportation lines 
  • Undersea safety valves 
  • Steam transportation in chemical processing plants 
  • Liquid and semi-liquid transfer 
  • Aviation industry
  • Automobile industry
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Food and beverage industry


  • More robust
  • Superior rust resistance 
  • Better pressure resistance
  • More reliable
  • Versatile

Welded tubing is typically less expensive than seamless tubing due to the simpler manufacturing process. Like seamless tubing, it is also readily available in long continuous lengths. Both seamless and welded tubing can be produced in standard sizes with comparable lead times. 

If fewer units are required, smaller manufacturing units can reduce the costs of seamless tubing. Otherwise, despite the fact that seamless tubing can be customized, produced, and delivered more quickly, its price is higher.


  • In architectural constructions
  • Hypodermic needles 
  • Automotive industry
  • Food and beverage industry
  • Marine industry
  • Pharmaceutical industry


  • Economical 
  • Easily available in long lengths 
  • Short delivery times 

Based on fabrication: 

The first thing to notice is the names of the two types of pipes. Seamless pipes are manufactured from a round billet. The billet is heated to a degree where the seamless tube manufacturers can pierce the billet using a solid round mandrel. 

The manufacturers use a pipe with thicker walls and a bigger mandrel for larger pipes. Cold drawing is a technology that many suppliers use to produce tubes with varied shapes. 

The surface of the seamless pipes is smooth, and the pipes are strong. When there is a requirement for pipes with thinner walls and smaller diameters, the pipe fabricators use cold drawing technology. 

Unlike seamless ones, welded tubes are rolled into a cylindrical shape from a metal sheet. Then, the metal sheets are bent to form a circular shape. Depending on the requirements, the suppliers can also give the pipes shapes such as square, rectangle, etc. When the two edges meet, the manufacturers use Electric Resistant Welding to join the two edges. 

Both pipes get their names from the way they are fabricated. 

Based on appearances: 

While the significant difference between welded and seamless tubes is how these are produced, the manufacturing process also creates other differences. 

The steel billet, the raw material for the seamless pipes, comes with minor imperfections. Since seamless pipes are made using hot rolling, the impurities on the billet’s surface cannot be eliminated. The impurities can only be removed to a certain extent using the rolling method. However, the pipes are polished even further while these are put into the cold drawing process. Cold drawing allows the suppliers to polish the tubes to give them a shiny and smooth finish with almost no imperfections on the surfaces. 

On the other hand, welded pipes are made from sheet metal. The sheet can be polished even before it passes through the manufacturing process. However, once the pipes are welded, the manufacturers can only eliminate imperfections they might have missed before welding. 

Based on performance: 

When it comes to performance, seamless tubes are hands down the best option available. Seamless pipes and tubes have a higher load-bearing capacity than welded pipes. It is because the pipes have no welded seams, which ensures no gaps. Also, the pipes are powerful because they are made from solid steel billets. 

Seamless pipes are made from high-quality steel, which makes them durable and makes the pipes perform better. 

In comparison, welded pipes are less reliable since they can withstand less load than seamless ones. Seamless pipes can sustain 20% more load than welded pipes. 

Hence, most industries contact seamless tube manufacturers for their various needs. Whether it is the construction industry, aerospace, or chemical industry, seamless pipes perform well. 

Based on sizes and shapes: 

Previously, most businesses chose welded pipes, especially when they required huge pipes. Welded pipes are made from metal sheets, the thickness of which can be adjusted per the buyers’ requirements. Even the size of the pipes can be adjusted by taking huge metal sheets. Hence, it is possible to produce big pipes and tubes much more quickly. 

However, things have changed as manufacturers have started using modern machinery to improve the quality and build of seamless pipes and tubes. Now, it is possible to fabricate massive seamless pipes with more significant dimensions and wall thickness. Also, the shapes of the seamless tubes can be customized nowadays. 

Based on cost: 

Welded pipes and tubes are easy to produce. Fabricating welded pipes does not require specialized machinery like in seamless pipes. Besides, arranging a metal sheet and bending it to create a cylindrical shape is more accessible. 

Unlike welded pipes, seamless pipes are fabricated from billets. As a result, the suppliers need special equipment to perforate, roll, shape, cool down, straighten, smoothen, and finish producing seamless pipes. 

Even though welded pipes are less costly than seamless pipes and tubes, they have limitations. On the other hand, seamless pipes offer better robustness, strength, customization, longevity, and size options. 


There is no harm in investing in welded pipes. However, when someone invests in a piping system, they want it to last longer while spending less money on maintaining them. Seamless tubes can bear more load, last much longer, and are more robust than welded pipes and tubes. 

However, the buyers need to contact a manufacturer with experience in manufacturing seamless pipes and tubes. The renowned fabricators use modern technology and updated machinery to produce seamless pipes and tubes. 

Global Seamless Tubes & Pipes Pvt Ltd is one of the best seamless tube manufacturers in India. The company has been offering quality seamless pipes and tubes to its buyers for more than three decades. It has installed better equipment to improve productivity and serve its customers even faster.   


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